September 29, 2010

Scandanavian Lovelies

As if I didn't already love SeptemberHouse patterns enough (a little gushing here, and some here), this new pattern set really has my Scandinavian heart all aflutter (in case you're wondering: mostly Norwegian and Danish, but I have a bit of Swedish for good measure).

Aren't those just gorgeous? Can you see now why I have so many projects started? (I know, I know, but a girl could have worse addictions, right?)

You might think that those four designs are worth the pattern price—and they are, aren't they?—but there are actually seven designs in this set. So much sweetness for the price!

And of course I already have plans for this set. I'm in handmade-holiday-planning mode and I'm thinking that a set of seven simple dolls (one side with these lovelies on linen or cotton and the other in something like this or this) for baby Norah would be a happy gift.

And happy stitching to you!

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