September 30, 2010

The Oliver + S Music Box Jumper

Can I just tell you how sweet my little boy is? When I took him to pick out the lining fabric for his first day of preschool pants, some very pretty red fabric caught his eye and he told me that his older sister would just love it.

And he was right (of course!).

So I got a couple yards to make the Oliver + S Music Box Jumper, which is supposed to be the easiest Oliver + S pattern out there—designed specifically for beginners like yours truly (although the pattern was easy, I actually thought the Sandbox Pants were even easier, but that's just me).

The style is similar to the sundress from Carefree Clothes for Girls, but in addition to other minor differences, it has buttonholes (gasp!). Well, wouldn't you know, buttonholes are easy! SUPER easy. I'm not even kidding. I was a little shocked, but now that I know, I just want to put buttonholes in everything. So watch out.

Pleats on the other hand, are not my favorite thing in the world. That is something I didn't know before making this dress.
Do you all know that saying, "Measure twice, cut once?" I know it, but didn't actually follow it. Rather than cutting the pattern pieces out, I just measured them (the skirt is three rectangular panels) and then cut (see, measured once, pooh). And, as you might suspect, I cut them a tad too small. Not so small that I had to do anything drastic, but small enough to mess up the pleats.

So I futzed with them and futzed with them. And then futzed with them a little more. Eventually I got the skirt to fit the bodice. But next time that happens (it will, won't it?) I think I'll do gathers instead.
Anyway, I'm very happy with the pleats now, and that's what matters, right?

Another little note about this pattern: I've got quite a bit of fabric left and I don't think that's because of my little booboo with the skirt. It's mostly because I used a different fabric for the liner, but even accounting for that there's a healthy amount remaining. I would estimate that I have almost half a yard left over (this dress is a size 7). Which you know will probably be turned into super awesome baby pants.

Overall I'm pleased enough with the pattern that I'm going to make it again—although this time I'm going to try view B, which has only one pleat (yay!), so stay tuned!

Happy sewing!

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