September 13, 2010

Sunny Manda Ruth

I just finished up a lovely saffron version of the Manda Ruth pattern for baby Norah, and boy am I glad I picked a sunny color.
You see, summer was a bit, um, lackluster around here this year, and so I think I'm going to be grateful for colors other than gray once winter sets in. Plus this yarn is just yummy. It's Jil Eaton's Minnow Merino: soft, warm, and such luscious colors (this one is goldie).
The pattern is, of course, fabulous. You knit from the top down, which I love, and add the hood and button band after finishing the body. The only part that confused me a bit was getting the hood onto the neckline. I think you are supposed to pick up and knit more than once in each stitch of the neckline, which is how you get the sweet roundness to the hood. Instead, I picked up as many stitches as I could and then increased a whole bunch for the following two rows, which also worked.
I love that this sweater would be equally adorable on a boy or a girl, which of course makes it the perfect hand-me-down if you choose a gender-neutral color. Baby knits may work up fast, but babies grow even faster, so it's always nice when their super cute sweaters can be handed down!

Happy knitting!


Jane Richmond said...

It's so adorable Amy! Very sunny!

Mama Magpie said...

Thanks Jane!