September 15, 2010

Tickled Pink Knits

So, when I was planning and plotting for this little shop of mine, I came across some super gorgeous, ultra-lovely hand knit beauties on Etsy by Atelier TPK and crossed my fingers that the shop owner offered patterns in addition to the exquisite finished pieces.

Alas, no. Elena Rosenberg, the artist behind the Rococo Shawl, Genevieve Cowl, and Bridget Cowl did not, in fact, want to share her secrets.

But things do change, and every now and then it's for the better. And this, dear knitters, is one of those times. I'm happy to report that I've just added the first Tickled Pink Knits pattern to the Magpie Shop, and there are more to come.

We're starting with the Bridget Cowl, a lovely, lovely place to begin, I think.
In the next few days (I say that optimistically, things are busy around here, as always) look for those other lovely patterns, the Rococo Shawl and Genevieve Cowl, as well as a fingerless glove pattern.

Rococo Shawl

Genevieve Cowl

Happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

lovely! i'm a cowl lover and can't wait to get into these!

grammynan said...

I am always excited to see your postings and what new items you have added to the shop. I am never disappointed

Jane Richmond said...

The Rococo Shawl is so lovely.