October 12, 2010

All I Did Was Knit

Ok, is that the best title for a post or what? We just got back from a too-short trip to a little haven of Pacific Northwest paradise, also known as Bainbridge Island, and pretty much all I did was knit.
 Except when I stopped in to visit the good folks at Churchmouse Yarn and Teas.
(Ok, I also walked on the beach, sighed with delight at the views, had sinfully delicious ice cream at Mora, and fabulous coffee at Pegasus, but that's it. Really.)

I brought four projects (because you just never know, right?), including:
This one, which will be a cardigan for baby Norah and is being made out of leftovers of yummy Malabrigo in Pollen. I really want one for myself too, but then all the girls in the family would have matching sweaters. Would that be weird?
And this one, which is going to be another Pasha out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, because I've decided you just can't have too many Pashas in the house. Especially when they're red.
And this one, which was going to be a shawl but decided to be a scarf at the last minute. Actually, considering how much yarn I bought for the shawl pattern, it will probably be several scarves. I guess that lets the cat out of the bag for a few holiday gifts...

And finally this one, which will someday be one of those coffee cup cozy sleeve things for the paper-cup-look-alike ceramic mug I just bought. It doesn't really need a cozy since it doesn't get hot on the outside (clever design, no?) but I just know it'll look better with one. Which counts for something, right?

Although I didn't finish any of them this weekend, I did get to work on three out of four, which in my opinion is a very lovely way to spend my time!

Happy knitting everyone!

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