October 11, 2010

Wear Your Knits Inside Out...

Which is exactly what you'll be doing if you win our giveaway book this week! But don't worry, you won't look all crazytown (thanks to I Heart Linen for that awesome phrase) because all the knits from this book are reversible.

{All images from Reversible Knitting}

Most of the stitch dictionaries on knitters’ shelves are remixes of familiar stitch patterns already published elsewhere. Not so for Lynne Barr’s groundbreaking book Reversible Knitting. Not only is every one of the 50 stitch patterns completely new and never before seen, but each is also reversible—for a total of 100 different looks!

Reversible stitch patterns can be used to create projects where either side can be worn facing outward, or where two sides of the piece are visible simultaneously (such as a scarf or a garment with collar or cuffs that that can be worn up or down). In addition to stitch patterns, the book features 20 such projects—from accessories like scarves, hats, and socks to sweaters and dresses—designed by the author and by 12 top knitwear designers including STC authors VĂ©ronik Avery, Norah Gaughan, and Teva Durham.

What a great idea, right? Spill a little ketchup on your sweater and don't have time to run home for a quick change? No problem, just flip it inside out and you're as good as new!

Ok, so the rules are the same as last week. And those are:
  • Sometime today before 10 pm leave a comment with a story about a time you wish your knit garment had been reversible.
  • Tweet (or retweet) about the giveaway—with the all important @magpiepatterns mention so that I know to include you in the drawing.
  • Or share something from the Magpie Patterns Facebook page with your FB friends (and then send me a note so I know that you did!).
And like last time the book drawing is for US and Canadian crafters only, BUT I don't want to diss all the wonderful crafty birds in other parts of the world. SO if you don't happen to live in North America, you can do any of the above to win a pdf pattern of your choosing (shipping books beyond this continent can get pricey), which is also a very happy thing if you ask me.

After all the entries are in I'll randomly choose a winner, definitely using Rae's rather successful toddler method (although mine's a preschooler, it still worked out great last time) and then contact that person by email, twitter, or Facebook (so be sure to include a method of contact) to get shipping digits.

Good luck everyone! And happy knitting!


Em said...

only ONE time when i wished my garment was reversible?!? :) let's just say i have a little one that has been spitting up since day 1 and is not 10 months old. and i used to love black clothes but now i'm all about cream so it blends right in. live and learn :)

sacha said...

It would have been my best friend's wedding- my son was ten days old and spit up on my dress- being a new mom, I hadn't brought myself new clothes, just him.... so I missed the toasts, the cake, the dancing... because I smelled and was wet and we bailed on the whole deal.

Nicki said...

I've got a reversible cardi (2 colours) and it's incredibly versatile. I can see the sense in having more garments like it!

Atoth said...

When I messed up on a pair of socks and the inside was definitely prettier than the outside. I could however, get away with wearing them inside out because no one would know until I took my shoes off.

Katie Bright said...

love those knee socks!!