November 2, 2010

...And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Can you believe it's time to start on holiday crafts already?!? Yeah, me neither. But let's not focus on how fast time flies (that's just a bummer, no fun at all) and instead on all the cute things out there for holiday crafting (much better!).

I'd like to kick off the season of holiday crafts with one of my favorite designers, SeptemberHouse, who has so kindly created this adorable holiday set, Festive Flock:

Aren't those gorgeous? I'm thinking that they would be so sweet on stockings for my own three little birds (nevermind that they already have really cool knit stockings...) or as ornaments for the extended family. I made whimsical embroidery ornaments (the tutorial can be found on Pimp Stitch, right here) last year as gifts and they were pretty well-received, so maybe that's they way to go...

Happy stitching everyone!

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