November 3, 2010

Oh Bettsy!

Usually around here we use the expression "Oh Nelly," for those times when other types of exclamations are inappropriate. But one of these new patterns by Bettsy Kingston is making me think "Oh Bettsy!" will be a better fit sometimes. Like when something is a lot awesome and a little saucy...
Action Pants
See what I mean?
For those of you looking for patterns of a tamer sort, Bettsy has you covered there too. Check out these cuties:
Jack and Jill Romper
Market Skirt
Peekaboo Party Dress
I know, now you're all distracted from your holiday sewing. Sorry about that. But just think about how much fun you'll have in these new duds!

Happy sewing!

1 comment:

emerson-j said...

ohh action pants!! they remind me of rompers for wee baby girls a little bit. they are saucy indeed, i like them!