November 8, 2010

Getting in the Spirit Now

Ok, so this is my kind of thing. Not the Christmas decorations sidling up to the Halloween candy last week at the grocery store (a tad early guys). And not so much the hyper, migraine-inducing ads on tv designed to create even more "want" in my kids (I'm pretty sure kids come wired with enough of that as it is). Nope. But Lizzy's idea for a Sincere Holiday, now that gets me into the holiday spirit!

You can read about the whole concept (and grab a button) here, but my main take-away points were to spend the least amount of money you can while still offering gifts of sincere appreciation to loved ones. I don't think it's the dollar amount that matters so much, but rather the thought process. And I'd also like to put a little plug in for not creating more stress in the name of simplifying your holiday (I've done that before!). It should be joyful for you too! So if it seemed like a good idea to hand embroider a set of four dishtowels for each and every person you know, but come December 15 you've not made it through the first towel, don't sweat it! Grab a mug of hot chocolate, curl up on the couch with a lovey, and revise your plan!

Of course, while this idea is spectacular, it isn't new. BK (before kids) I worked at an environmental nonprofit where we taught simplicity (that still kinda makes me laugh - but people signed up in droves! I'm not kidding!) and simplifying the holidays was a big topic. We often pulled a lot of great material from the really fabulous book, Hundred Dollar Holiday, by Bill McKibben.
Hundred Dollar Holiday
I had kinda forgotten about this book but then was reminded of it by Amy over at Progressive Pioneer (a really lovely family blog). In it Bill gives you the background on the holiday and his reasons for returning to a more simplified, sincere tradition. It's a quick, really lovely read.

But, back to THIS sincere holiday. Anyone want to share their ideas? I've got more knitting to finish up (and this one for the baby), a few dolls to make (coming to the shop soon!), a couple jumpers, a pair of pants, and maybe two messenger bags that look a little like this. But that's just the kids, so I might be revising my own list!

Phew! Time for a little hot chocolate (with peppermint whip, anyone?).

Happy (sincere) holiday crafting!

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