November 9, 2010

A Little Something for You?

There are a couple new patterns in the shop this week that are probably going to be gifts to, um, myself this winter.
Austin Hoodie

Varsee Hoodie
Sometimes I get all gaga over really lovely but super complicated patterns that of course turn into sweaters that never actually get finished. Or worse, I'll imagine myself wearing something that's simply gorgeous in the photo but is actually completely out of character for me, so when I do finish it I rarely, if ever, wear it.

But these two patterns are super cute and good bets. They're the kind of sweaters I would pick again and again, and Connie claims that they're super easy to knit (I can't confirm that—yet). I may not get to them until after the holidays, but you know just shopping for the yarn is a treat I could call a holiday gift to myself.

Happy knitting!

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