November 10, 2010

Feeling Inspired!

Dare I suggest a regular feature on the blog? Let's just say that my intentions are good and I can imagine myself keeping to the schedule, but I hope you won't hold it against me if the timing of the posts end up being little wonky. Ok, just for fun let's say that each Wednesday I'll offer a little crafting inspiration from the wider world. Sound good?

I first saw these lovelies posted by Meg on Sew Liberated, and even though I've been over to Posie Gets Cozy dozens of times (probably more), I hadn't visited in awhile. In any case, these gorgeous kits made me do a little happy dance, which is better, in my opinion, than when I drool.
Snow Day
Ice Skating Afternoon
Walk in the Woods
See, now you're doing a little happy dance too, huh?

I know they are being produced in small batches, so I'm not sure if there are any left (my apologies for getting your hopes up if that's the case), but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Oh and I have it on good authority that downloadable pdf versions will be available soon...

Happy crafting!

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