November 12, 2010

Oh my! More Handmade Holiday Goodness

Have you been over to Oh my! Handmade Goodness yet? It's so lovely and so fun I keep going back when I should be doing other (perhaps more productive) things, like, um, work.

But that easily-distractable trait can be a good thing because that's just how I found out about their super cool Handmade Holiday Giveaway. Which goes like this:

"This will be a unique giveaway-readers will be able to enter as usual for themselves by visiting the participating stores/artists and promoting the giveaway, but they will also be able to enter for others. Readers will be encouraged to enter up to five registered charities, non-profits and causes. The winning charity/organization will be able to auction or raffle the basket off as a fundraiser or give it forward to a local family/child in need of a little handmade love. It’s a giveaway that gives!"

{Full details of how you can contribute are found here.}

 There will be a few Magpie Patterns in those baskets (but of course!) and no doubt a lot of other fabulous stuff, so be sure to check in with Oh my! in December to enter the giveaway!

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Regina said...

thanks for the tip on "oh my! handmade goodness". very cool site.