December 8, 2010

Feeling Inspired!

I am a big fan of classic kids' clothes. I like peter pan collars and gingham. I like rich colors and high quality fabrics. (All of these are, of course, some of the reasons I started sewing.) And so I'm also a big fan of Olive Juice, the really fabulous and totally awesome clothing company.

I love practically everything on their website, but some of my very favorites are:
Daria Frock
Monroe Topper
Antonia Blouse
Corduroy Shift
Bailey Top
I love coming here for inspiration. If I can keep a picture like that in my mind when I go to the fabric store, I'm so much more likely to come home with blue gingham (rather than being seduced by the big, bold, fabulous prints that always win my heart but definitely make a different kind of kid shirt). It's the little tricks that keep me in line...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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