December 7, 2010

More Fabulous Bags!

Here's something happy: new patterns from Keyka Lou in the shop! Just check out these cuties...
Messenger Bag by Keyka Lou

Bucket Bag by Keyka Lou
They're both small bags, perfect for taking just the essentials with you. Or, they'd be perfect bags for children (I plan to make a Messenger Bag for the four-year-old and a Bucket Bag for the six-year-old).

There are more awesome Keyka Lou patterns to come, so look for them later this week.

Happy sewing!


Regina said...

I love that messenger bag!!

loved1 said...

I cannot wait to make the messenger bag!!! So cute! (and I just happen to have the fabric in the first pic and have been trying to come up with something for me to make it with!)

Mama Magpie said...

Oh that's great loved1! I love that fabric!