December 14, 2010

Not a Last-Minute Gift

Nope. Not this one. But that's alright because it will probably be for you anyway.
Wispy Cardigan
I've just added this pattern to the shop, but I've actually been working on this sweater for awhile — for myself. It's not a difficult knit, but the yarn is pretty skinny, so it's not a quick knit either.
Wispy Cardigans

But oh is it ever scrumptious. I haven't even finished it yet and I know it'll be one of my favorites. As the name implies, it's lightweight, making it perfect for spring or fall, and even in some places, cool summer evenings. Actually, it would also be great in the winter here, where it doesn't get super cold. Bulky sweaters can be too much indoors, where I tend to hang when it's so wet out there.
So think of it as a little reward for yourself. You've worked really hard making (or finding) all those awesome gifts for your friends and family. You've made dozens of cookies and decorated the house. You've even hosted a fabulous holiday party. You're a holiday rock star! You certainly deserve a little time to slow down and knit something lovely for yourself! Don you think?

Happy knitting!

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