January 19, 2011

Feeling Inspired! + Apparently I Like Jars.

Well, despite my bold statements earlier, I haven't made a lick of progress on my craft room. In fact, it's very possible that it's in worse shape. {I've been busy. What can I say?}

However, I have learned something about myself that might come in handy when I do—finally—get around to organizing and decorating my craft space.

Apparently I like jars. Especially old and funky mason jars that hold small things. Exhibit A: some of the images I've collected as inspiration:
{By ButterflyFoodie}
{From Country Living}
{From Madame Cupcake}
{By Umla}
{By Madame Cupcake}
{By Dottie Angel}
And luckily I already keep a lot of my crafting supplies in jars (sadly hidden away in cupboards and drawers, however). Which means at least one aspect of this project won't be too terribly hard to arrange!

Happy crafting!


Theresa said...

can I just say......I love you.......jars are my thing. Right now, I have an obsession with filling them up with all the pastas I have in my house (another obsession)...yours are just so pretty! Can't wait to get a craft room to myself...now, how to push the trolls off to college EARLY....

Hannah said...

jars are super cool!
if you stcick dollie son the outside and put candles in the inside they look even cooler!
love the pic of the jar filled with all those butttons!

Sweet Snow Flakes said...

I love the pictures! So artistic