January 20, 2011

Another Cutie

I've got another cutie from Cécile Levesque for you today.
Esprit Folk Pullover by Cécile Levesque

Isn't it though? I love the details. I think just the right details make a sweater. This version looks feminine to me but it would be so easy to make it perfect for a boy (I would just leave off the picot edge).

She only has it sized up to 8 years, so I can't make one for myself, but I would if I could. (And if I didn't already have so many other projects started, of course. Ahem.)

Look for more patterns by this talented French designer in the future. She has a bunch more that I have my eye on that are currently only available in French. But she assures me that she'll be translating them soon...

Happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

How gorgeous. Having just found your blog (and shop) I may have to stop following it, too many fabulously tempting pretty project ideas!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...


kendra said...

ooo, an adult version would be tempting!

Monica said...

I love it! You are right, an adult version would be great. Then you can make matching outfits!!