January 24, 2011

Piratey Stripes

Despite the fact that I used one of the most luscious yarns on earth (Cascade Yarn's Eco Alpaca) I simply couldn't convince the four-year-old to wear his completely awesome (if I do say so myself) gray, stripey sweater.

Until I called the stripes "Pirate stripes."

Nevermind that pirates tend to wear their stripes on their socks. This pirate wears them on his sweaters.

I used the Heirloom Stitches Britt pattern, which is knit top down in one piece, making it great for stripes. And using my typical two-row stripe pattern, there weren't too many ends to weave in (my very least favorite part about knitting).

I haven't knit him a cardigan since he was tiny. I knit them for the girls all the time, so it's a mystery why this is his first one in three years. In any case, it's such a great pattern and I'm particularly happy with the piratey stripes.

{As an unrelated side note, any other young pirate fans out there should check out the tunes by the swashbuckling Captain Bog and Salty, a local band that has a hearty following. It's pretty much a constant at our house, and has the whole family chanting "Eat a lime!" on a regular basis.}

Happy knitting, me hearties!

1 comment:

Annabelle said...

I love that you got him to wear it by calling it a pirate sweater. That is so adorable!