March 9, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

Hmm, sorry for that absence (right on the heels of proclaiming an end to the blogging hiatus even!) but our house, and in particular, our boy, was hit with the flu. So everything was off kilter for a few days.

But with the little buccaneer back to his hearty self, life is returning to normal once again (of course, that's a relative term, but let's not get into that now.)

While my little pirate was feeling a bit green about the gills I was able to—finally—make an attempt at learning to crochet. And let's just say it was a little wonky at first. Perhaps starting with the thinnest thread and itsy-bitsiest hook wasn't the wisest way to begin, but what can I say, it's what spoke to me.

In any case, with microscopic hook in hand I turned to Martha first, in particular this post and this post. Both of which were very helpful. As you may recall, it was this project that I planned to start with (also from Martha):
Crochet bookmark
Which, I'm happy to say, is coming along nicely (given uninterrupted craft time or a life with fewer distractions than mine, this project could be completed in about hour—even with the learning curve).

So, in true craft-a-holic fashion, I've started looking for my next crochet project before actually finishing my first. Ah well. Here are a few things that caught my eye.
Wren Handmade Bracelets :: Tutorial on the Purl Bee
Sunshine Day Baby Blanket :: Pattern available on Rosy Little Things
Crochet Necklaces for sale on Wren Handmade
 Milleflori crocheted scarves by Sophie Digard
Flower Crochet :: Tutorial on The Yvestown Blog

In my book, with inspiration like this, looking for the next project is nearly as fun as actually working on it!

Happy crocheting!

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