March 22, 2011

Oh, Where to Begin?

That was my exact thought as I paged through the new Oliver + S book, Little Things to Sew. Here, take a look and you'll see why:

Teddy Bear Carrier

Messy Kid Bib

Bucket Hats

Bear Hats

Bento Tote

Art Smock

See? So many adorable things to choose from!

Ultimately I decided to start with the Messy Kid Bib, for three reasons:
1) Norah has started to insist on feeding herself, thus resulting in a very messy kid several times a day
2) I had everything I needed on hand, besides the iron-on vinyl and velcro (which didn't matter, since I couldn't resist making a few changes regarding just those two things anyway)
3) Sometimes I just love an easy-peasy project

I'll share my version of the Messy Kid Bib tomorrow {I had planned to feature new patterns all week, but the site is misbehaving; bah.}, complete with a messy kid to model just how effective this garment is!

Happy sewing!

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