March 21, 2011

For Book Lovers Everywhere

Books are a major part of our lives over here. Major. The librarians at our neighborhood library know me—and all of my kids—by name. We often have more than 100 books checked out at any given time (no joke!). {And I've been known to put books on hold using my husband's card when mine reaches the quite generous limit.} A bit of an obsession, true. But it's all good, right? Nothing wrong with a healthy love of books!

So, you can imagine how delighted I was by this super sweet new pattern set by SeptemberHouse:
Book Smart Pattern Set
Book Smart Pattern Set
Book Smart Pattern Set
Book Smart Pattern Set
So darling! Did you see the rug under the girl's feet in that top image? I know!

Ok, so put down that novel and pick up your needle. At least long enough to stitch up one of these cuties.

Happy stitching (or reading)!


Jennifer said...

I want your library! We have a limit of 20 children's books at a time. Some librarians let me go over, but others gasp and glare at my fine history (always paid up, by the way)

Mama Magpie said...

Oh, I am no stranger to library fines, let me tell you! I used to be very, very good about it and never owed more than a quarter or so. But these days...ah well, no one's perfect! ;)

Our library really does rock. The limit is a frightening 150 books! PER PERSON! Can you imagine? Oh the trouble we could get in... :)