June 17, 2011

A Little Simplicity

Sometimes I just love an intricate pattern. Don't you? Something that challenges my craft-ability. Something that really makes me think and demands my full attention. Those are the kind of projects that I imagine protect us from dementia in old age. Workouts for our brains, you know?

And other times, well, other times it's summer. And when that happens I think a little simplicity is just thing.

Or, as my mom is fond of saying, "Sometimes it's nice to let the yarn do the work."

From Magnolia Handspun
Yes, sometimes it is.
Bridget Cowl from Elena Rosenberg
Featherweight Cardigan by Knitbot
So for the weekend, how about putting the fabric and the yarn on heavy-lifting duty? Find something luscious and use it for a really simple project! {Which you can work on while watching the kids run through the sprinkler, sipping your lightly sweetened iced green tea with a touch of lime, and enjoying the dappled shade beneath the apple tree in your backyard.}

Fabric by Nani Iro from Matabai
Double Dutch Skirt by Owly Baby
Grocery Bag by Keyka Lou
Doesn't that sound lovely?
Oh! And don't forget to give the fathers in your life a kiss on Sunday!

Happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

I love the double dutch skirt!

Summer said...

That handspun yarn is to die for!