July 5, 2011

Oh, Summer!

This happens to me every year. I always expect summer to be lazy and relaxing—and it is, in some ways—but it never fails to be busy in it's own way.

We haven't stopped moving since the kids got out of school! And despite my best laid plans, I haven't spent a single moment with my sewing machine. So those unfinished sundresses will be for...hmm. Next year?

One little crafty project my older daughter and I have started on is some super darling fairy dolls, inspired by this post over on Making it Lovely. Here's Nicole's:

Ours are still little more than floss-covered wire, but we're slowly turning them into magical little beings.

One of us is very busy learning the delicate art of walking on uneven ground in order to pluck all the blooms from every peony plant in the backyard:

And all of us are being utterly entertained by our latest little brood, who, technically, were this size about a month ago:

Yes, there is A LOT going on behind the scenes over here, some good (a 4th of July rodeo! park play dates! strawberry picking!), some really not so good (a trip to the beach ruined by a dying transmission, a disabled web site for nearly two weeks, major life decisions demanding attention), and some very, very exciting (a whole new web site on its way, the arrival of some amazing quilt patterns from down under). Let's just say that this summer isn't going to be lazy either.

Ok, gotta run—I've got two flats of strawberries calling me from the kitchen, an embroidery project begging to be finished up, and some seriously glorious weather to enjoy.

Hope you do too!
Happy crafting!


Corinne said...

Summer always ends up being an adventure doesn't it? At least it always leaves us (too quickly) with plenty of stories to tell. Wishing you lots of happy endings!

Mama Magpie said...

Thanks Corinne! And to you too! :)