October 7, 2011

A Make-Again Pattern

I love new patterns. So much so that I usually can't resist starting something new (or many, many somethings) even with other unfinished projects clambering for my attention.

But I also have a few patterns that I come back to again and again because they just work so brilliantly.

Manda Ruth by Jane Richmond is one of those.

Here's the yellow version I made for the baby last year:
Of course she's completely outgrown it (funny how that happens) so I really want to start on a new one for her.

And right now I'm leaning toward some non-baby colors, such as:
Koigu :: Painter's Palette
Alchemy :: Temple
Madeline Tosh :: Tosh Merino
Most likely I won't be able to choose and she'll end up with three Manda Ruths this year! At least I know it's a great pattern...

Happy knitting!


Jill said...

Pick the green one - it's such a cute colour on kids :)

Jane Richmond said...

Oh boy, how do you chose with choices like those!? They are all gorgeous! ...I think my fave for a babe would be the green. I can't wait to see what you decide and I am so glad you enjoyed your first Manda Ruth enough to knit a second.

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