March 16, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

Well, it turns out that I was a tad early in declaring a full recovery for the young pirate. Not only has the poor guy been battling some yucky, drawn out cold-like flu thing for the past week, but he was kind enough to share it with the baby. So there you go.

Oh well.

Let's talk about inspiration instead of runny noses and gunky coughs! I have finally made lots and lots of progress on the craft room (thank you Ikea!) and I've been oh so happy to retreat there when all the little patients are resting. Spring is on its way and I've been thinking about dresses and such for the girls. Oliver + S has some new patterns coming out sooooon, but even I can't get my hands on them until April, so I thought I'd start with some of the old patterns while I wait. Just for fun I browsed around to see what other crafters were doing with their Oliver + S patterns, and oh my goodness, there is some cute stuff out there! Just check these very inspired outfits out:
Oliver + S :: 2 + 2 Blouse by audrey antoinette
{In Liberty of London fabric, no less.}

Oliver + S :: Bubble Dress by Jessica Domestica
Oliver + S :: Ice Cream top by Collins Creates
Oliver + S :: Sailboat Top by mkpelti
Oliver + S :: Jumprope Dress by Crafthours
It's funny how seeing these adorable versions by these talented crafters puts the patterns in a whole new light for me. Especially the tops - I just didn't see the cuteness potential before.

Looks like I'll be busting up that now-well-organized fabric stash! And you know what that means, of course. Mmm, fabric shopping is in my future!

Happy sewing!

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