March 11, 2011

In Need of Labels

Ok. So, raise your hand if you are so organized that you put size labels in your handmade clothing. Gah! I'm so impressed! And, I would very much like to join your very-organized-handmade-clothing club!

Plus, I just think it's cute when mamas (or papas, no need to bow to stereotypes) put mama-labels (or papa-labels) in their kids' clothes. Like Dana from Made:
From Dana's flat front pants tutorial on Made
Another label from flat front pants
In that spirit, I tracked down a tutorial on Sew Mama Sew for making hand stamped clothing labels written by Wynona of Ivy Designs, and it really couldn't be easier. Check it out here.

Hand stamped label in what is clearly an awesome article of clothing
However, if you are overly busy (as many of us are these days, no?) or just don't want to make your own labels, you can also buy them pre-made. Etsy is brimming with creative folks happy to make some for you.
Cute little size tags by The CraftE Girl
Hand knit by... label from Mountainstreetarts
Happy crafting!


angie said...

ooooh I've been meaning to look into this...thanks for the links.

Pene said...

I desperately need to get labels printed/made but the choice is so big. Everytime I think I've made a decision I see something else.. Will have to take the plunge and just decide x