August 17, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

Oh my goodness. Now this is a project I can relate to (not actually accomplish, mind you). Have any of you read the awesome blog The Sew Weekly?

Well, Mena Trott decided a couple years ago to sew all her own clothes (with a few minor exceptions). Isn't that a lovely idea? {She calls it the slow clothes movement and I totally get that. As a slow food enthusiast, I can heartily say I'm a proponent of slow in all possible forms.} And, lucky for us, she's been documenting this sewing adventure on her blog, where this week's inspiration is found.

Here are a few of my favorite Make This Look posts:

Day After Day Dress
Make Fleur Own Music Dress
Lemonade at Lunch Dress
Indigo Denim Prom Dress
Forever Lime Dress
These posts include information about where to get the patterns, fabric, and the original dress (as well as the retail price, which always puts things in perspective). While Mena doesn't go through the whole process with us, she does offer very insightful tips for working with the pattern she used. It's really just the right amount of information, in my opinion.

Seriously, I'm so inspired by this woman that I might actually, finally make a dress for myself! {Shocking, I know!}

Happy sewing!


Unknown said...

I love that Day After Day dress!

Marina said...

Wow, fabulous site - thanks for the link!

summer said...

I adore her website!

Anonymous said...

absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. It's always lovely to find a new blog to follow, and this one is exceptional (as well as yours of course! ;o)). As a trainee costume maker this blog will really come in handy. Thanks again xx

Squiggly Rainbow said...

They are gorgeous! I just found you! Lovely xx Rach